Did you know… that 26% of mobile apps are uninstalled within 10 minutes of installation?
Space on your mobile device is valuable, and you don’t want to fill it with apps that don’t satisfy. A recent study (for apps on Android devices) has shown that more than a quarter are uninstalled within the first 10 minutes.
The team at Mobinja aims to build apps that reward you for choosing to install them by entertaining, educating and increasing your productivity – and continuing to do so. We also strive to continuously improve the quality of the apps and value your feedback and suggestions.
If you are looking for a creative, fun or educational app for your mobile device, there’s a good chance that Mobinja has an app that will fit the bill.
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Latest News
Castle Ninjas Download Castle Ninjas now!
11 October 2015
Attack the castle using your ninja stars without toppling it over! Download now! [Android] [iOS]
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10 July 2015
Power up your English pronunciation of the L and R sounds! Download now! [Android] [iOS]
Flags Around the World Download Flags Around the World now!
6 June 2015
Download now to improve your ability to identify the flag for each country around the world. [Android]
iOS and Android New app under development!
12 February 2014
We are currently working on an English learning app for both iOS and Android. Stay tuned!